Quality Business Systems
Quality Business Systems (QBS) provides storage and retrieval solutions to area businesses, including training for the products
Though the core of Quality Business Systems is storage and retrieval, its product offering has evolved into a number of additional areas. Its focus is through consultative selling; a representative will travel to the customer's location and assess the problem. They will analyze it and discover opportunities for improvement. QBS will then develop a plan and make recommendations for the client based on the range of products it offers.
According to the company, the original focus of the business was storage and shelving, but it has expanded into other products and services. It offers solutions to business workflow problems. It
also offers products for warehouse logistics and storage. Its range of products goes from shelving and bookcases to large, automated conveyor storage systems.
Products offered by the company

include stackable shelving, shelf files, file vaults, lateral tracks, and carousel and tambour door cabinets.
According to the company, QBS has embraced new technology and now offers a range of services for its clients. In the past, it concentrated more on offices such as doctors with medical records.
Now, the business has changed and shifted its concentration. The company is aiding medical facilities by helping them eliminate the paper and convert to electronic records. It helps with the transition process and the conversion of paper to electronic, as well as storing the paper files in its warehouse facility.
"There's quite a range of services we offer and our hats change quite a bit," stated Tom Cappellini, vice president, QBS. "Through the last six to eight years our business has really changed. We've had to change with the changing times, going into different markets and tailoring
the services we have to offer. It has allowed
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our business to grow and survive."
Services QBS offers include file room assessment, space planning, installation, file relocation, and off-site archive storage. Technology solutions include document imaging, barcoding, and radio frequency identification.
According to the company, the records management systems offered can cut labor costs associated with lost files by 70%, while saving valuable office and industrial space.
Quality Business Systems assists
customers and business in doing more with less space. "We create awareness that you don't have to move into a larger facility as the business grows, you just have to manage space more efficiently," added Cappellini.
The company also uses green technology so businesses do not have to move to accommodate their growth, such as using vertical space previously unoccupied because of height. The company has found efficiencies by performing studies on products in warehouses and how they are situated.
On the service side, QBS transitions offices into digital operating systems. According to the company, most office places fail to think about paper when
concentrating on software. QBS will set up barcoding and scanning and remove shelving and paper document storage.
Quality Business Systems works with a variety of Toledo-area clients. Recently, one of its clients was a mortgage broker in Sylvania, which had grown, but wanted to remain in its location. QBS helped the broker identify a new storage system to install. It isolated the inefficiencies with the active and archive records and incorporated that into the storage solution.
The company has also worked with numerous industrial clients, such as one in Leipsic, Ohio that needed a location for its parts storage. Quality Business Systems installed an automated storage system for the company's parts and service center. This gave the client a centralized location for the storage and utilized the high ceilings so the footprint was small.
Quality Business Systems is a distributor for manufacturers. The main manufacturer they represent is Kardex, a supplier which used to be located in Marietta, Ohio, but moved to Lewistown, Pennsylvania.
Its operations are in a 7,000-8,000 square foot facility, which includes 5,000-6,000 square feet of warehouse space used to store records and store equipment it installs. Currently, the company has room to grow, but has no plans to expand the facility.
Quality Business Systems has been in the Toledo area for over 40 years with factory-trained contractors located around the region. It focuses on 26 Ohio counties, 10 Michigan counties, and six Indiana counties. The radius for QBS is approximately 100 miles outside the city of Toledo.