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QBS can help you configure a new storage and retrieval system, that will better use the available space and reduce your costs. How can I make those claims, without knowing what you're storing, how often you access it, how much there is of it, and the condition of the available space? It's easy, because we do it every day and see the results! We live it, so it's not that hard. As the kids say, it isn't rocket science.
Our Process . . .
Hard as it is to believe, storage and retrieval of material or files is a frequently overlooked area for improvement. We follow a diagnostic process, which brings order into what is often a chaotic environment it entails:

Discovery--- determining customer problems and project goals

Diagnosing---existing shortcoming, cost of failure and under performance and potential solutions

Designing --- a solution which meets given cost/performance goals

Delivering a total material or records management system based on customer's specific needs.

The benefits in an organized workspace are greater productivity, improved morale, reduced waste and scrap. The value in a high density automated storage system is substantial in faster retrieval, reduction in material lost, reduced floor space needed and higher productivity.
Project Example

Warehouse Distribution

Provided analysis and solution for order picking and shipping. Solution included a Horizontal Carousel to increase from 40 LPR with “grocery cart” picking and paper pick list through rows of shelving, cabinets or racks to 120 LPH with a single operator.


Provided analysis and solution to meet records management compliance requirements for commercial and consumer lending. Solution included high density storage system in a secure fire retardant vault and software to maintain a database for access, control and auditing of file room activity.


Provided analysis and solution to combine 24 individual filing systems in a single centralized, standardized and automated filing system. The solution included two high density storage systems and the turnkey implementation of an updated terminal digit numeric file system with software for barcode file tracking

Criminal Justice

Provided analysis and solution for storage and control solution for managing property and evidence. Solution included DSM secure transfer lockers, high density storage and barcode and record management software for property and evidence management.

We can also solve problems in your current system or provide continuity and orderly growth by helping plan for the future. And we can eliminate the hassle of dealing with multiple suppliers by coordinating and managing your existing components. Whether you need an electronic solution or a tweak to your existing paper system, QBS can walk you down the path to more efficient and profitable records management.