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QBS is the leading provider of High Density Storage and Retrieval Solutions in NW Ohio, NE Indiana and SE Michigan for both material and administrative needs. We source systems, products and supplies from many vendors and are capable of taking turnkey responsibility for a project. We are at our best when rapid retrieval is important and space is limited.

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Cost Saving, Performance Improvement, & Space Reduction are the reasons for high density storage and retrieval systems being installed. From a tool crib overflowing with tools, spare parts and supplies to an overstocked fulfillment center QBS has the proven and established high density storage and retrieval system needed for better performance.

Material historically has been stuffed in drawers, stacked on shelves and loaded on pallet rack and most files end up in 4-drawer vertical file cabinets none of this is because these are best solutions but rather because it's the way it's always been done. Too often storage of material and filing of records are the last steps in designing an operation. Not that they are forgotten but rather put-off until everything else is settled. From a positive perspective material and information storage and retrieval is an untapped profit opportunity in most operations. It's not uncommon for a high density automated system to decrease your storage footprint by 90%, improve picking productivity by as much as 400% and achieve stock accuracy as high as 99%.
The products and systems we offer have been selected because of their specific features which provide, enhanced labor efficiency and improved space utilization for particular storage and retrieval conditions because each application is unique. Our primary project concern is to achieve your goals while utilizing space efficiently and economically. On an office project the focus is on furniture, people, information and time and how they work together. In a factory/warehouse material is an added element. We take material, files and space and create solutions that are simple, efficient and productive that work for you. Quality Business Systems has the automated storage and retrieval systems that can solve your problems, and the capability to apply them.
A QBS Workspace Engineer is prepared to assist in diagnosing the critical store and retrieval issues in your operation, designing solutions that work and delivering an economical system that will fulfill your needs. When you have decided that your workspace may need some engineering, give us a call and one of our experienced engineers would be happy to consult with you!
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Quality Business Systems Award