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Vertical Lift

Vertical Lifts were designed to efficiently utilize vertical space. With shelving retrieval difficulty increases with height, but with a vertical lift all stored material is equally accessible and delivered reliably, securely and quickly to you. A VLM truly makes all your vertical space available.


A Vertical Lift's structure provides storage for steel reinforced trays that are picked and deposited to picking bays by an automatic lift platform.

Some other benefits include:
  • Increase Productivity of employees by increasing their inventory pick rates and pick rate response time
  • Better work conditions iof in a tool room by having tools and materials delivered to an ergonomic counter instead of walking, climbing, bending and stooping to retrieve tools
  • Increased inventory control through the system's software management system that reduces time spent inventorying parts
  • Provide dust protection if the inventory is fragile or sensitive
  • Increase security reducing pilferage.
The unit's functions are completely managed by an innovative hardware and software system integrated into the unit's controller, allowing users to easily manage and perform fast and efficient storage operations.


Sintes 1.3 and 1.7 PDF Unit Widths 64.96", 80.71" Tray Widths: 51.18", 66.93" Both models provide a net load capacity per tray of 441 Lbs and a total unit load capacity of 55,115 Lbs.


Modula Lift (VLM) PDF Unit Widths: 91.1" to 177.7" Tray Widths: 74.8" to 161.41" Net load capacity per tray 551 Lbs to 1,653 Lbs.