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Lockers - the name sounds secure and in some applications security is critical. But in most applications lockers are a simple and straight forward way to provide separate storage space for an individual's stuff. QBS offers a wide array of lockers that can be used to store evidence and weapons, athletic gear and school books, uniforms and school supplies. No matter what the application QBS has a locker designed to do the job.

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Secure Storage
Secure Wire Mesh Storage provides secure but visible storage for your tools and equipment, inventory, or other valuable items. The wire mesh door and sides keep items secure while allowing for easy visual inspection of contents. Some heavy-duty units features a threepoint locking door, key lock and three full-width, 16-gauge galvanized steel shelves. Shop lockers can be provided as a standalone design or as multiple, side-byside units. Wide areas can benefit from a flexible, modual, clean with basic panels and a building block approach that will accomplish virtually any layout.
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