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Material Management
In the pursuit of “best” solutions we’ve come to realize that, just like shoes, one style and size doesn’t fit all needs. That’s why we provide numerous storage and retrieval alternatives. That’s why we begin each project in a discovery mode, asking questions to understand the underlying needs and problems in the application. Over time we’ve experienced many systems and developed a pretty good understanding of the pros and cons of each. We use that experience to guide clients toward best solutions for their application and after 25 years we have become pretty good at selecting and fitting the best system for the application. It’s why we call ourselves WORK SPACE ENGINEERS.
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We've used our WORKSPACE ENGINEER experience to select the products and systems we offer today. The automated high density storage products we offer are industry bests and were selected because of their unique capability to save space, time and labor costs. They are designed for specific applications and when properly applied they can:

They are designed for specific applications and when properly applied they can:

In small and mid-sized operations storage and retrieval of material is frequently overlooked and misunderstood as an area for improving profitability. The result, stationary rack and cabinets are purchased and installed when an automated high density storage and retrieval system would have been a much better solution.

Vertical Lift
Vertical Carousel
Horizontal Carousel
Movable Lateral Track
Rotary Shelving
Movable Aisle
Pallet Rack
Stationary Shelving

If you are pressed for space or looking for a profit improvement opportunity, call QBS for a Workspace Engineer review of your application. There is no cost for a survey and the potential for discovering a better solution is great.

Along with the information above we have a catalogue for Material Handling at QBSMH.com.