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Space Management

The other side of of storing and retrieval of material is space use. YOUR RECORDS, YOUR MATERIAL, fills YOUR SPACE. The intent in presenting this segment of QBSInfo.com Web Site is to encourage a fresh look at space use and the best application ideas.

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QBS can help you develope plans for your available space. Typically the process begins with how you wish to use the space. In our experience most material is stored inefficiently. Storage so often evolves, not as part of a purposeful plan; it just happens. A mess doesn't begin that way but one step at a time it grows without plan until there is no longer excess capacity. Unplanned growth easily becomes inefficient use of space.
QBS can help plan and organize YOUR SPACE. If its storage and retrieval of material or records in your organization we can help. If it's in your organization and you can touch it then we can help you store it, label it, track it and retrieve it more effectively than you thought possible. A fresh look at an exisiting problem can lead to surprising results. If it is improved performance or increased capacity in an office environment we can help with furniture that fits your need. Our fundimental purpose in Space Management is to encourage a fresh look at the problems with which you are living; leading to a better and more efficient use of space.
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