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Every workstation space layout isn't a challenge. But when it is you should call in a QBS Workspace Engineer. QBS isn't the right workstation source for every application but if space is limited is overflowing and out of control or productivity is on a decline then you should call.


After years of creating space for use in production, assembly and storage we have developed skills which are a real advantage.

A wide range of accessories helps users to customize stations to the specific task at hand. Because space is so valuable, it also incorporates components that utilize vertical space, not just horizontal space, for an uncluttered work surface.


We can provide technical workstations that are perfect for component assembly operations because parts, instruments and tools can all be kept within reach using a unique Cantilevered Accessory System.


They're also ideal for quality assurance environments, because workstations provide abundant workspace for components, test instrumentation and diagnostic documentation.


We take our Workspace Engineering experience and apply it to the total work environment with real benefit for you.


We also offer an econnomical contemporary furniture line that can readily be customized to fit the available space complemented by ergonomic seating, conference tables and flexible panel systems.


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