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Stationary Shelving
Stationary Shelving is the universal generic storage system. Shelving is available in limitless styles, heights, widths, depths, load carrying capacity and quality levels. We can offer many types of shelving. It’s far easier to determine what’s to be stored, the quantity, the location conditions and then look for the Just right shelving solution.

stationary shelving

The most generic shelving solution is called 4 Post, Boltless Shelving. It’s highly adaptable and cost effective for most storage and filing applications, and it can be installed without tools. There are numerous 4-Post suppliers and a wide array of accessories designed for specific applications.
4-Post Shelving is tough and engineered for stability and strength. Installation is fast and easy with self locking shelf supports and requiring no special tools for assembly. Available in numerous load capacities, heights, widths and depths and shelf/deck types; solid, slotted steel, particle board and wire.

As Space Engineers we have found the most productive approach to a storage problem is to begin with the material and then determine the storage requirements to establish the stationary shelving required.