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Movable Aisle Shelving



Movable Aisle Systems consist of a group of shelving bays mounted on wheeled carriages that move on rails allowing the shelving to be condensed with only one access point or aisle. Using electric power, mechanical assist or manual glide the operator can open an access point or aisle where desired to store or retrieve material.

A Movable Aisle System can save up to 65% of system floor space or double capacity in the existing floor space.

By far the most accepted Automated High Density Storage System is the Movable Aisle. It is popular because the system is simple to understand and implement. If your material is stored on stationary shelving it is an easy step to visualize the shelves being mounted on mobile carriages and the space saving gained by elimination of aisles. Because of the simplicity it is economical, plus if the new system is replacing stationary shelving the existing shelves may be re-used by mounting on the new system's carriages.

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They function best in medium to low file and material retrieval applications because access is limited. to one aisle. They are appropriate for small spaces and large rooms. Shelving height limits their effectiveness where overhead vertical space is available.

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