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Space Planning

Embarking on a change without a plan is obviously foolhardy and so it rarely happens. But time after time we witness plans being created by people with no previous planning experience, who then come to us for an implementation of an unworkable plan. Good space planning is a combination of understanding the technical and functional requirements of the operation; the available three dimensional space, capital available, targeted ROI and the feasible systems and equipotent.


Whether you are facing expansion or contraction or maybe feel your existing layout is no longer efficient; QBS can help. We have lots of space planing experience plus we bring a fresh perspective. If your storage and retrieval systems haven't recently been reviewed, then maybe the may be ready for an upgrade and improvement.


QBS can analyze the existing situation and help determine your real space requirements. It is not unusual for crowding to occur because of the gradual growth in material storage, inactive file overflow and obsolete systems; any one of which can be corrected with a fresh approach.


QBS can help you explore the applicable high density storage and retrieval systems available today the could offer significant improvement and space reduction opportunities for your operation.


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We can analyze your existing space usage and storage needs. We can show you how to save space by improving your storage systems. You may not need as much space as you think you do!