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Document Management Software

At its core Document Management Software (DMS) automates the capturing, indexing, storage and retrieval for distribution of a wide array of information. And if properly designed, it complements the planned Work Flow of the operation involved and can recognize both paper files and electronic documents.

Most software is capable of on-demand label printing in color and with integrated bar coding. QBS can provide a document system solution that will keep files organized and improve both filing and retrieval efficiency, whether the files are electronic, in paper or some combination.

A "paperless office" is possible today and QBS can help you get there.

Electronic Health Records

For years, Electronic Health Records have been praised for their potential to improve patients care, reduce medical error and contain medical costs. Yet only 17% of the nations 800,000 physicians are currently using EHRs and only 4% are using a full EHR system. Implementation isn't easy. it can be risky if the software system selected and the office workflow plan are not compatible and it can be very expensive.

To accelerate the EHR transition the Obama administration has made EHR adoption a major health care objective and approved a 19.28 billion provision in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) signed in February 2009. The funding will provide health care providers with financial incentives and direct individualized on-site technical assistance. In Ohio the goal is to assist 6,000 physicians with EHR adoption by 2012.

Funding has been used in Ohio to simplify software vendor selection with a State program to:

  • Review and pre-select 5 preferred qualified software sources.
  • Provide weekly demo-education webinars on recommended options.
  • Provide direct in-office assistance on vendor selection.

The Financial incentives and software selection assistance will greatly speed up the decision to go EHR.

After selecting the software package for your office the next major decision concerns the existing paper files history in patient charts. The extremes are to "scan-it-all-now" and immediately become paperless or a more gradual "scan-on-demand". Often there is a big difference in cost between the extremes and what makes the most sense varies from practice to practice. QBS is experienced at weighing the alternatives and developing conversion plans which fit your budget and "meaningful use" schedule.

Document Scanning and Conversion

Developing a conversion plan for paper files comes naturally to QBS because of our experience at planning and installing file systems. A good conversion plan will consider file quantity (LFI), file organization and condition, indexing requirements for retrieval, purge and shred status, retention requirements, space and staff availability and likely frequency of access.

QBS can assist you by developing and costing out a plan, taking portions of the project, or assuming responsibility for the total conversion, whatever best serves your needs.