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Offsite Storage
QBS can help free-up valuable office space and increase your productive space with secure off-site storage and guaranteed retrieval we call it Office Xtension. When we keep your records you free up space and lower expenses. We recognize the importance of your records and treat them accordingly. We understand they tell the story of your business and represent tremendous operational, financial and legal value as well as exposure and risk.
Office eXtention
OFFICE eXtension recognizes that in an office not all tasks are equally important and that the less critical tasks can be relocated to free space for the prime functions and hold down cost, by making minor process changes and workflow adjustments. Of course your files are still available anytime you need them. With our scan-on-demand solution we can fax documents or scan them to you via a secure FTP site, or straight into your document management system.
The program is intended to be an easy, quick low risk way to effectively increase office workspace an OFFICE Xtension. Moving to a larger office isn’t the only solution for over crowding.

The off site space used by OFFICE Xtension is economical, controlled, secure and accessible and can be tailored to serve specific client requirements, some examples:

  1. Increase functional/productive space without relocation or adding space.
  2. Reducing search/retrieval time by separating active and inactive records and by storing semi-active and inactive material in a controlled, organized efficient environment.
  3. Reduce risk and cost of “lost items”.
  4. Reduce the use of “prime” space (high priced) for “non-prime” (lower value) functions.
  5. Improve efficiency and reduce clutter.
Typical Functions
  1. Standard Intake: label boxes, for each box record client, content, scheduled destruction date and box location; and enter into the QBS Data Base, allowing QBS to locate individual file, the box in which it’s located and the client from whom it was received.
  2. Retrieve and deliver to the client a labeled file or a full box. Options for file delivery during normal business hour are:
    1. Same day delivery, limited to Metro Toledo
    2. Next day delivery QBS/Fed Ex/UPS
    3. Same/next day fax service
    4. Same/next day scanned and emailed or scanned to FTP site.
    5. Box delivery is next day, either by QBS or UPS delivery.
  3. Return retrieved files to the box in which originally file was stored.
  4. If desired notification of scheduled purges and request destruction approval. With approval, QBS will purge as scheduled and provide evidence of destruction.
  5. Specific rates and charges will be billed monthly and are based on the actual volume stored and service activity levels.