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Document Tracking
QBS can help you track and locate all your files and important stuff, no matter what it is, so that you will never lose it again. Quick access to files can boost productivity, accelerate decision making and improve customer service. Having the right information, when you need it can reduce risk and operating cost leading to improved performance. Knowing where your stuff is located and who has it is an obvious plus when you need it, and a good tracking system will help you accomplish that.
Barcodes can be included on end tab labels or produced separately and applied to assets to be tracked. A bar code reader is used to optically scan or wand the barcode and capture the data to send back to the tracking system, which in turn updates the location or status of that item. Items can be checked in and checked out and relocated so that you will always know where they are and who has them. Barcode tracking is easy to implement and provides a cost-effective solution for accurate tracking and data integrity.
Radio Frequency Identification
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) systems are a step-up in tracking and control from bar-coding. They consist of ID tags, Readers, Antenna, and the Tracking Software. An RFID system works much like bar coding, except the RFID Tag can store much more identification data and can be updated as needed.
Because it works on radio frequency an RFID system has several pluses over bar coding, the reader doesn't need to see the tag to scan it, the distance between tag and reader can be as much as 40 feet, the tag doesn't have to be on the surface, the data can be read much faster than a barcode and multiple tags can be read at once. RFID tags can be placed on files, tools and other assets you need to track or inventory giving you access to real time status, inventory and location updates.
RFID solutions provide automated tracking of record/ item movement and user authentication. Using unpowered microchips to wirelessly transmit encoded information through antennae, RFID tags are activated when placed in the transmission field of a reader. These tags convey encoded information that identifies items at the document, folder or box level.

The result is more thorough control, tighter security, reduced labor costs, improved accuracy, and real-time audits; all of which add up to better business processes and higher performance.

RFID solutions can be transparently integrated into existing file rooms or an entire enterprise