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Move Planning
Whether you are finding that your previous floor plan of your exisiting factory or warehouse needs some changes, expanding the exisiting space or moving to a new facility; we can help provide you with planing and moving what material handling/storage needs you have and can help can help make a smooth transition. Sometimes the warehouse or factory employees disassemble their own material handling equipment and it can be a nightmare to try to reassemble: trying to locate all of the pieces, finding out components were damaged during the process, equipment not fitting correctly into allotted space.
Our quality installers can assist in the relocation process. As specialists in systems integration installations we have the tools and experience to perform the relocation process safely and efficiently as we assist with design layouts, space planning, and offer conceptual development. Taking these steps ahead of time, streamlines the relocation process and ensures your equipment is properly installed.
File Moves and Conversions
We'll create a moving plan to fit into your own work schedule with minimum interruption of business. We can do it in the evenings or on a weekend and have your new office ready for business first thing Monday morning!
In a move we make sure files stay secure and are available at every point in the process. Whether relocating across the hall or across town we promise to maintain the integrity of your filing system during the move and provide full access during the move. QBS relocation service will move both your records and the equipment that stores them. Your records will be boxed or secured on carts during the relocation and put back in the same order after the trip.