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Horizontal Carousel

Horizontal Carousels are racks of bins mounted on an oval track which rotates on demand to the operator's workstation. Flexible design allows for custom sizing to fit any operation, including manufacturing, distribution, order fulfillment and maintenance.

Horizontal carousels increase productivity by maximizing pick rate and accuracy. Every carousel uses one of the integrated QuickPick pick-to-light technologies to indicate the active carousel, shelf level and quantity of items to pick, making batch picking simple fast and easy. Horizontal carousels are great organizers, while increasing throughput, reducing floor space requirements with readily adjustable shelf levels. Horizontal Carousels are often grouped, allowing an operator to pick from one active carousel while the others are pre-positioning to be picked the moment the operator is ready.

The typical benefits enjoyed with a Horizontal Carousel are:

  • Up to 60% reduction in required space compared to shelving
  • Reduced inventory by providing better management
  • Improved order accuracy to 99.9%
  • Improved operator supervision with employees picking from visible work area
  • Reduced inventory shrinkage with increased operator accountability
  • Faster pick rates by shifting from man paced picking to machine paced

It is not unusual to see R.O.I's in the 9 to 18 month range and through put increases up to 600% when a customer shifts from traditional shelf & bin order picking to horizontal carousels.

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