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Movable Lateral Track

The Mobile Lateral Track system increases filing and storage capacity where you need it most and does it with economy and minimal space. It is a simple concept. Two, three or four rows of filing equipment placed in nearly the same arm's length where there was once only one. The front shelving sections rest on movable carriages that travel back and forth. The movement provides access to the back row of stationary shelving. Often a quick fix to a capacity problem and at less cost than you thought possible.

Modular track allows for easy expansion of stationary shelving to a BiSlider, a BiSlider to a TriSlider and a TriSlider to a QuadSlider.

Track can also be expanded laterally to increase storage capacity. Systems feature an overhead anti-tip mechanism to ensure safety and enhance the ease of movement of shelving sections.

Reinforced steel track creates a solid foundation for the system. Leveling guides located every 12 inches on center allow for smooth operation despite non-level floors. No permanent attachment to the floor is required.


The system is designed to increase storage capacity in a minimal amount of floor space while still retaining a high degree of accessibility. Our unique design enables more than half the system to be accessible at any time. All systems are designed to eliminate the need for access aisles between shelves. By eliminating fixed aisles between shelves, retrieval time is reduced and user efficiency is increased. The carrages are designed to accept a variety of shelving so they may accept any media storage requirements.


And the system is modular in design and can be reconfigured and added onto at any time without the need to disassemble, relocate, or remove existing files. The lateral mobile system consist of modular, all-welded steel frame and rail assemblies, flush decking, single or multiple row(s) of lateral rolling carriages, and overhead stabilizer & roller assemblies. All systems can be configured as a Bi, Tri, and/or QuadSlider System. Every carriage include four wheels that ride on a double rail track for an added measure of stability and safety.