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Vertical Carousel

Designed like a Ferris wheel with carriers containing stored material rotating up or down to bring the carrier to a convenient access point, where storage and retrieval occurs. They are highly productive space savers. Active high value components are ideal uses for Vertical Carousels. They are highly productive where frequent, rapid access and retrieval is required. They have excellent security capability, even for multiple users and limited individual access.


Carrier interiors can be open or customized to fit materials or tools to be stored. Carousels are available in a wide range of heights, depths and widths to meet most storage or retrieval requirements.


Either a System Logistics Power Depot or Vidir Machines Vertical Lifts are reliable and flexible for a broad range of applications.

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With a System Logistics Power Depot Vertical Carousel you will:

  • Reduce labor by 2/3 by increasing productivity with material delivered to the operator, eliminating the need for worker bending, reaching, stretching, squatting or climbing.
  • Provide an OSHA friendly design with all store and retrieval tasks performed in the ergonomic Golden Zone.
  • Save up to 75% of the Floor Space required for traditional shelving or cabinets
  • Maintain inventory security and cleanliness with a lockable design that encloses the stored material
  • Link multiple floors if desired or required


The Power Depot Vertical Carousel design can be adapted to provide multiple access doors, security doors, automatic doors, controlled user access and can be adapted to a full suite of inventory management software.

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VIDIR Machine, Inc. is a leading manufacturer and worldwide supplier of vertical motorized storage carousels and display systems. The highly versatile line of carousels can store rolled products such as carpet, vinyl and fabric as well as spooled products like wire and cable.


In addition, machines for storing printing cylinders, tires, garments, hardware or manufacturing items plus cutting equipment for dispensing and measuring rolled goods. Plus, Vidir's engineering staff can customize and adapt a standard line of carousel products for your specific needs.


With a unique turn-key business model provides you with years of reliable, daily service and minimal annual maintenance.